Recruitment Management System (Laravel - 5.6)

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Recruit is an application to manage the recruitment process of a company. If you are a company who need an application through which job seekers can apply directly on your website and you can manage those job applicants from an admin panel then this is the app you need.
The Server needs to meet the following requirement to the application.
  1. PHP >= 7.3.0
  2. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  3. PDO PHP Extension
  4. Mbstring PHP Extension
  5. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  6. XML PHP Extension
  7. GD PHP Extension
  8. Fileinfo PHP Extension
Pre-installation Requirements:
File System Permissions
To be able to start the installation at all, you must set appropriate permissions for storage folder and it's subfolders. So, the very first thing to do is to set permissions to 777 for storage folder, all its subfolders.
After setting the permissions you are ready to proceed to the installation.
After downloading the ZIP archive, and uploading it to your server, the first thing you have to do is to create the database where system tables will be created. Let's say, you create the database called pms.

Step 1 - Welcome Screen

After creating the database next step is accessing the application URL from a browser. One thing you need to know is that Laravel is designed to allow HTTP access to the application from your public folder only. This means that this application will be available at It is good enough for installation and development purposes, however, for production, you will probably want to have your application available at In next section, I will show you how you can accomplish that.

Note: If you see any error check that you should have .env file at your root location.

To open the installer. Visit
Now the installer will show up.The First screen will be Welcome Screen
Note: If you are not able to access the website by accessing, but you are able to access it via, this means that you probably don't have Apache mod_rewrite installed and enabled.


Step 2 - Database/Environment Setting

On step 2 you have to fill in your database credentials 

Step 3: System Requirements

After clicking on "Next" button, you will be redirected to System  Requirements step during the installation wizard, System Requirements.

Step 4 - Directory Permissions

After successfully enabling and installing all required PHP extensions, next step is to set the appropriate permissions for some system folders. All directories listed on step 4 has to be writable by the application, as it is displayed on the following picture.

Step 5: Exit

The last step is exit step.

Now You are ready to go.
Front website can be accessed on

Admin Login details are





Admin dashboard shows important information about your recruitment process.


Job Categories

This section manages the job categories like sales, marketing, engineering etc.



This section manages the list of skills required for a job.


Job Locations

This section manages the job locations.



This section manages the job openings of the company.


Job Applications

This section shows the job applications. You can drag and drop the job application in the columns. Table view of the applications is also available.



You can add team members and provide them role to access the admin panel.


Company Settings

You can update the information related to company in company settings.


Roles & Permission

You can create new roles and assign permissions to that role. These roles then can be assigned to the team members to access the admin panel.


Language Settings

You can manage the languages in the language settings. Translations for every language can be set using translation manager.


Theme Settings

You can set the primary theme color in theme settings. You can also add your custom css.

Job Openings

The main page displays the all the active job openings. Applicant can filter the openings on the basis of job category or location.


Job Detail

Job detail page shows the details entered from the admin.


Job Application Form

Job application captures all the necessary information of the applicant.

You can change the translations if required using the translation manager.

Step 1



Step 2

Your all translations are arranged in groups. Choose a group from dropdown to change the translations.
You will a see list of translations for each language for every group you select.


Step 3

1. Now to change the translation string click on the string and you will see a popup to change it.
2. Change the string and click on blue check button.
3. Similarly do it for all strings you want to change.


Step 4

Now just click on the Publish translations button on top to apply the changes.

Demo Login details are



To update to new version of the app follow these steps in sequence.

  1. Take back up of your files and database before updating.
  2. Replace all the files and folders except the .env, public/user-uploads
  3. After replacing the files go to this link
  4. You should see a database update success message.
  5. Login to see the new version.